Welcome to our website!

Welcome to our website!

We are "UMIFUKU ZAKKA",in english,"Umick collectibles".

We are gathering handcrafts,artworks,junks,vintages,antiques day by day.

Our tiny store is always full of beautiful and"KAWAII" items!

If you can visit our shop,you can enjoy our shop,and buy our items,of course.

But for many of you,it is difficult to come to Japan and visit us.

So,we have prepared the way to buy from us.

3steps to buy from us

please choose items what you want from our shopping site below.

please let us know what you want,writing item's stock numbers and quantity.

You can contact us with E-mail( we can understand only English except JAPANESE.

We will tell you the total amount,then please send money by PayPal.

After checking your payment,we will send your products by EMS as soon as possible.

If you come to JAPAN

If you want to come to JAPAN and visit us,please check a googlemap from our access page.

You can come to our nearest station"Odakyu-Sagamihara" by Odakyu-line from Shinjuku-station,Tokyo.It takes about 40 -50 minutes.From Odakyu-Sagamihara station,it takes 10 -15minutes to get to our shop.You can use TAXI,also(3 minutes later,you can get to our shop!).

If you want to stay nearby,We recommendCentury hotel(Sagami-ono,the next station of Odakyu-Sagamihara).

We are looking forward to seeing you!!

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